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You're in the right place!



You ever thought to yourself....

There's gotta be more to life than this?

Maybe you have been feeling slightly stuck, maybe even paralyzed by life right now.


Maybe you are in a space where you would like to have:

Greater inner peace,

Stronger relationships,

  Maybe even more money!

This is your story!

Feel free to hit them with a plot twist at any given Moment!

Make no mistake you are a Spiritual  being living a natural experience.

Our journey together will help you unlock gifts of creation that have been lying dormant for maybe years!!!


My name is Crystal and three years ago I was lying on the floor in a pool of tears and snot. I didn't even bother to wipe my face as I lied across my wooden floor sniffling, coughing, gagging in emotional pain that I had no clue how to deal with. As I lied there I saw myself. I hovered outside of my wounded body and felt immense sadness for the woman lying there. After an hour of just lying there, I got up, walked around my home, looked myself in the mirror and decided to pick up the pieces of my soul.

2016 I was pre-engaged ( y'all know what I mean, like the ring and proposal was coming but hadn't quite happened yet... but you KNEW it was coming). It was my best friend! When you saw me, you saw him...everybody clapped for us...we matched...he studied every part of me mind body soul and knew exactly what I needed in every sitution or emotional outburst I had.  That's what made our demise even harder. The behavior that was transpiring from him was in full knowledge of how it would affect me. I told him all my traumas, he experienced the pain in my eyes and my fear letting myself go to another person but he said I got you!

I met him as I was in the process of leaving my marriage (for the 3rd and final time). This time I wasn't going back and my best friend was there to love me through. As we began to deteriorate something dark was happening to me and I didn't know how to handle it. As we continued to drift, I continued to act tough making sure to let him KNOW I didn't need him, he could go, I would never be alone because I was beautiful.  Immature woman I was.

As I looked at myself in the mirror as he walked out of the home we shared with his last items...I asked myself and God why?


Why did THIS hurt so bad?


Why was it THIS dark and why did I feel so broken? It didn't hurt like this when I left my husband. It was then I realized; I wasn't only sad about me and my dude...I was grieving EVERYTHING! My childhood abuse, my anger at the world, my lack of resources, and my marriage that I never grieved because new boo was there to sweep me off my feet!

On that day I promised myself that I would become better and stronger; mind body and spirit because the enemy was not going to take me out that easily!


I began taking psychology courses in order to understand me at my human scientific form and I got down on my knees and got close and personal with God. I committed, but more importantly, I surrendered my mind and heart to HIM!




The more I studied the more I learned about how our brain and emotions work together along side our spirit. I learned about the power of creation, manifestation, and affirmation. What really blew my mind is how it was ALL Spiritual even the "scientific" parts!

These are the essential relationships you will need to build and strengthen in order to get to your next level. I show you how to:




My system helps  you identify, clarify, and redefine your life in a supernatural way so that you are experiencing massive joy, major magnetic energy, and radiating beauty that everyone will notice and


It is an inside job!

Here is your chance to schedule your complimentary Clarity call!

Receive a 1 on 1 session with Coach CC

30 minute personal session to discover the root of your blockage!

How would it feel to go from

Confusion to clarity

Helpless to hopeful

Careless (with yourself) to in control of your mind, body, and emotions

Aimlessly wandering through life versus boldly strutting!!!

Simply click on a session on the calendar below  to get started

Already had your complimentary Clarity call and ready to begin on your amazing journey of renewal?

Studies show that it takes approximately 21 days to break a habit. Actually that is true and false. It takes 21 days to kick start the breaking of the habit but to actually form a new habit it takes 3 rounds of 21 days to get that default habit completely out of your system.


As always there has to be a beginning and that is where we will start!


Let's get to the good stuff!


Course will focus on your relationship with God, Self, and Others each week will be centered around identifying, clarifying , and redefining your heart and past experiences.


Course Goodies:

  • Physical workbook with three weeks of self-focused activities and journaling.

  • Video introduction will be posted in members only Facebook group every Sunday to outline what our weekly focus will be.

  • Weekly check-in call Saturday evenings to close out the week and unpack your experience (1 hour)

  • Weekly newsletter with new affirmation statement and soundscapes to enhance your experience

  • Access you members only area on the website where you can browse additional resources to assist in your level-up!


The time we have wasted being lost...the energy we have wasted on toxic relationships, the tears we have shed out of frustration...have brought us both to this moment and I don't know about you but I am willing to do anything and take massive action to reclaim my time!


Price is $199.99


As an added bonus: Once payment you are enrolled, you will receive my latest ebook entitled :

Emotions and You 

A guide to identifying and redirecting our emotions for good.

($25.00 value)


I don't know about you but I am ready to go on this ride with no holds barred!!! But you have to be COMMITTED to the process. I am a guide (GPS) you are the driver. I can give you all the spiritual and scientifically proven information in the world but if you do not want this as bad as you want to breath...DO NOT CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.

I am not here to further perpetuate your lack of commitment to a better YOU. If you know you are still to weak to put in the work...I don't want to take your money or waste my time!

But if you are in this thang...I'm in it with you!

Click below and let's begin this new journey of discovery!

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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