An EMPOWERED woman has control over herself and her life.

Don't worry if you don't have it all together yet! Truth is, none of us have it ALL together. We are in a constant state of evolution.

Here are 3 ways you can start a more empowered life TODAY!

  • Stay focused- With the way technology and current events are set up...we are CONSTANTLY distracted! We are all up on the latest Snap Chats or YouTube channels trying to see what everyone else is doing. That's cool for a few minutes, but you should be primarily about YO BUSINESS. If God has inspired a movement in your life; be it becoming a blogger or owning a brick and mortar business....TRUST ME.... the enemy will come for you! My suggestion is to be aware. So when you drift on Social media, just look at the clock. Set a time to be nosy or inspired by others lives....then when that time is up, intentionally SAY to yourself, "Ok that is enough...time for me to refocus"

  • Keep going- Yoooo do you know how many times you are going to think....forget this? How many times you are going to feel alone, left out, or just down right tired??? It happens!!! But Shift happens when we push through! Even if you have to take a day off, do it! Just get back to your goals ASAP! The world is hungry for your gift!

  • Don't take everything so hard.- When things don't work out exactly how you planned..."Count it all joy" Even when things don't go as you thought they would, you have to remember that EVERYTHING is in divine order. It's tough, I get it, but don't beat yourself up for perceived failures...did you know where wisdom comes from???....YUP you guessed it--FAILURES!

So...feeling empowered yet? Look yourself in the mirror, fix ya hair, and go out a beast my beauties.....YOU GOT THIS!

Please share how you stay empowered!

Feeling Empowered yet?

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